Liquiproof All Fabric & Leather Premium Protector

£10 From End Clothing UK

One of the holy grails in protecting your favourite fashion and footwear items, devout sneakerheads and hypebeasts can now effortlessly keep their prized possessions looking spotless with this all-purpose Liquiproof spray. Before disaster strikes, spray the invisible barrier onto the surface to repel liquids, mud and dirt whilst preventing alcohol, oil or water stains. Modern times demand modern measures; this all-purpose spray uses market-leading nanotechnology that is both eco-friendly and toxic-free, ensuring it won’t change the appearance, feel or smell of your items. Saving the day everytime, maintain box fresh shoes and clothing on any absorbent fabrics: from suede to nubuck, leather, canvas and sheepskin. The only alternative to keeping all your precious items spotless, wear all the favourites without the stress of inevitable slips and spills.

Water-Based Formula
Non-Toxic Ingredients
Also Available in 125ml

Safe to use on all absorbent fabrics from suede to nubuck, leather, canvas and sheepskin.

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